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Sonasoft is a software house company from Bandung, Indonesia

We help companies, organizations and individuals take the next step to enter the digital world through comprehensive and efficient software solutions that can drive real business growth.


To be a formidable company to provide comprehensive solutions for the design and implementation of software or applications.


1. Become a reliable partner for stakeholders both from within Indonesia and abroad.

2. Continuous software or application development and innovation

How Do We Work?

We understand the importance of the process of creating an application and we leave nothing to bare chance.

Discuss The Project

Step 1

We start every project by analyzing the requirements. We create a technical definition and a development timetable for the project with the customer. We establish the priorities and specific requirements of the customer.


Step 2

Because the quality of the User Experience is the key, the appearance and usability of any program have a substantial influence on its success. Our project team creates mockups of the application’s processes and shows them to you.

Develop & Elaborate

Step 3

Before preparing everything for go-live, programmers begin their job, do program unit testing, system testing, user acceptability testing, and common issue fixes.

Implement of the Project

Step 4

We will ensure that all work is completed correctly before handing over, and we will give a period of care that may be customized to meet your needs.