Digital Library

Perpustakaan Digital merupakan perpusatakaan online berbasis web yang digunakan untuk mengakses berbagai macam buku secara online

Robo Club

Website for institutions that are highly competent in the field of education, especially technology based on education, research and future-oriented development that is able to meet consumer or market needs


SONAR is a Management & Financial Information System website application which was developed to meet the needs of Sharia Property Companies. SONAR can assist in collecting customer data, making purchase requests & purchase orders, project & unit management, financial records, bookkeeping, and much more.


Konek App is a website application product for communication purposes such as chat, video and audio conferencing, webinars, and other online collaboration tools.


My Performance is a website about managing athlete data. we make it easy for you to store athlete data and data security, has 3 main features, namely Anthometry, Physical Ability, Engineering, this program was developed using the Laravel Framework